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Your memories are precious. This is the best gift. What does a wedding photographer do? I like to see myself as a living memory. After a ceremony full of emotions, a kaleidoscope of images scroll before your eyes. We organize our memories once we look at the photos. I freeze all of these fleeting moments for you. If you enjoy my photography, I will tell your unique story with the greatest pleasure. For more information visit the Wedding website.

I live in Paris and work here most of the time. Pause on “most often” because I am always moving willingly. I travel everywhere in France, and around the world, photographing weddings. A bit similar to the photographers from the beginning of the century who traveled from city to city — I move full steam ahead to capture the light and the emotions. Then I return home to … sort your photos, organize them and create albums for print later on. Only at that moment when I hand you your photos, seeing your satisfaction, I am able to walk quietly with my dogs at the river’s edge.

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Anna Moskal – Atelier Moskal – Destination Wedding Photographer

Wedding in Corsica, U Capu Binacu

She is beautiful, both Corsica and the bride. I was taken back by how much Juliette’s beauty matched the island’s landscape. Immediately during our meeting in Paris, months back, I knew that we would experience an extraordinary adventure together. This was my first time ever visiting Corsica. One can say I fell in love at first site, or rather at the first ray of sunshine. This angle and color of light in Bonifacio is exactly what made the photo experience an unforgettable one!

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The world is a unique place and for this obvious reason, we all see It differently. Each equally beautiful, yet extraordinarily different. Thanks to photography, at the least, we are able to share these moments that have touched us. Have a look at my favorite stories on the blog to see what I am referring to.

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