In the garden of the Palais Royale, we had a family photo shoot. One must only cross the portal of the Comédie Francaise to enjoy one of the best Parisian scenes, with incredible light reflected from the sand walls. This is the third season I have worked with this wonderful family. Every September, we come together to organize a family shoot on the subject of a birthday. I grab my camera and follow these children around — and yes this does provide me with a full body exercise.


The Comédie Francaise is considered the oldest active theatre company in the world. The pillars of neutral tones give warmth and create a setting that allows the two fun-loving siblings to shine in these pictures along with their parents.
Frolicking around each corner, I followed the young girl and her brother around the premises and tried to capture their carefree energy and innocence, both childrens’ eyes filled with curiosity and light. These two share similar features and it is clear their relation, but how fun it is to see the individual personalities so front and center in each shot! The older sister at points, guiding her brother through different parts of the theater, hand in hand. A testament to the protective nature of the older sibling.


Family photoshoots have a sense of comfort and freedom, knowing that true selves can shine through. From tender moments in front of the fountain, to silly strolls on side streets, this family emulates the dynamic within many households where love can be shown in times of peace and serenity or times of chaos and joy. The bond of family is strong and beautiful, and getting the opportunity each year to take photos of this family keeps me on my toes and brings me a sense of excitement and adoration for the love shared.

Family Photographer in Paris, Ile de France

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