A parisien wedding in the full swing of summer, with the sun shining down. When I photographed this wedding, I savored It as if It were a dessert made with my favorite ingredients.

The enthusiasm and optimism of David and Steve served as my foundation. Adding to this was the idyllic landscape during a stunning summer day, a beautiful town hall and the smiles and tears of loved ones. LEGO characters were holding the wedding rings, the cocktail party at the Castille hotel, endless champagne, the Synie’s cake of dreams and my normand hortensias – all in the 1st district of Paris. If this was not enough, there was also a photo shoot at the Tuileries gardens, the hotel patio embracing the soft sounds of the fountain mixed with conversations and jazz, floating over roofs of the French capital.

Simply put, that is all I need.

Now I invite you to discover the wedding photos of the lovely couple, David and Steve in Paris!

Flowers : Estelle Preston
Cake: Synie’s
Hotel + traiteur: Castille Hotel Paris
Music : Levita 


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