I particularly like autumn weddings and even more so weddings in the south of France, like this wedding in Drome. Mark and Magda had chosen to hold their secular ceremony in a field in Provence, surrounded fully by olive trees. Having signed their papers at the town hall not far from Paris, they then went south to prepare for their country wedding. My plan was to then join them a few days later.

It was raining when It was time for me to leave Paris and It left me with mixed feelings about this outdoor wedding. I received a light and optimistic text saying “bring your swimsuit” which immediately reassured me. This was a wedding for a couple to whom beautiful things happen. They met at Disneyland and have three great kids and a great dog together. Friends joined them from all over the world to celebrate this unique event. In this fable, they took care of everything themselves—decorations, dishes, bouquets…

In life, Magda works in her studio, runs the restaurant and creates furniture. So now It is understood how they handled everything on their own! After the exchange of wedding rings, there were champagne corks popping and children scattering rose petals. And this couple, lived happily ever after …


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