Wedding in Issy-le-Moulineaux

When Diane and Johann asked me if I was available to photograph their wedding in the vineyards, I had a vision of the rows of vineyards bathed in Provençal light. And if it was not in Provence, maybe in Burgundy?
Anyway, I was getting ready for a trip to the countryside. And…surprise! It turned out that there would be no long journey. There is a romantic restaurant, surrounded by a real vineyard, which is near Paris: you can go by metro! The restaurant Issy Guinguette and it is a dream place for a beautiful wedding in Issy-le-Moulineaux. It is ideal for couples looking for a compromise between a wedding in the countryside and in the proximity of Paris.

Cool Wedding

This wedding was really cool. Thanks to Diane and Johann, I had one of the most beautiful days of summer. The bride and groom put on white sneakers and as we walked to the town hall, everyone was congratulating the couple, including pedestrians, vendors, and restaurant patrons who were quietly drinking their coffee on the terraces.
After the wedding in a charming wedding hall at Clamart Town Hall, all the guests went on a tour of…carousel. It was really cute. Another unforgettable moment of this beautiful wedding in Issy-le-Moulineaux, was the visit of the cellars of the vineyard that surrounded the restaurant. This visit to the real cellars stretching for several kilometers was a great relief during this hot day.
There were still other surprises prepared for the guests.

Session after the wedding in the vineyards

One of them was for me. And it was a real icing on the cake for a wedding photographer. In the golden hour, we organized a session after the wedding in the vineyards. Under the glare of the summer sun that was already setting, I had about ten picturesque minutes to eternalize the emotions that the newlyweds felt that day. Then everyone was dancing and singing until the morning. Wine and love. Until sunrise.
Now, I invite you to watch the reportage of this unique wedding.
Do it preferably with a glass of red wine. Maybe you will hear roosters singing in the vineyards?

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Venue: Restaurant Issy Guinguette