Glamour Wedding in Montmartre


Why is Paris called “the city of love”? Does anyone know the answer? One thing is certain here—a wedding in Paris is a the dream for all brides and grooms around the world. Many lovers cross thousands of miles to say “yes” in Paris. This city will always remain a paradise for lovers. It’s hard to believe that some people have the opportunity to live—and wed here. Discover the images of a wedding in Montmartre in Paris.

I adore Parisian weddings, especially that of Eva and Vincent. A ceremony held at town hall followed by a photo shoot. Voila, a wedding in Montmartre. Why this neighborhood one might ask? Because the couple connected strongly while being here, as It was where Eva was living. Certainly we took pictures in the streets where… this park where… next to the bakery… in all the places that held importance to this couple, full of unforgetful memories. It was a fun afternoon, as I followed them around with my camera, listening to their stories and capturing these emotions with my lens.

Then at sunset, we joined their families and friends in a restaurant at the foot of Montmartre. Here are the pictures with a label “Made in Paris”.


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