Vegetarian Wedding in Normandy

Arleta and Giles asked me to join them at their wedding in Normandy, photographing their wedding and cocktail party. Without hesitation, I agreed. Primarily, because I have personally fallen in-love with this region, I feel good there and I bounce back, just as a boomerang. Secondly, Arleta asked these questions that sparked my curiosity. She wanted to know if my photo albums also featured the cooking, if photos could be taken without flash, and also of the vegetarian dishes. As a result, my camera and I ended up at a vegetarian, Polish/Scottish wedding. Safe to say, It was very unique!

It was well worth It!

Arleta and Giles are a wonderful couple who shared a lot of imagination and creativity. They love literature and appreciate incredible stories. Giles writes exciting books, so one can imagine the script they created together. Also, the location of the wedding, La Ferme Les Ecureuils, their very hungry, imagination. A wedding in Normandy is the ideal outdoor ceremony, an evening in the barn and certainly, lots of love and joy.

The images will surely speak better than my words so I leave It up to you, to discover the photo coverage of this wedding in Normandy, one style and romance.


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